Monday, June 29, 2009

Sheltered Harbor

Snug and safe are you little boat as you are anchored in the harbor.
For the moment your weary trip is done.
Calm waters lap your hull and you are content.
No worries for now.
But for how long, little boat, will this harbor bring you joy.
You were built with a strong hull and sturdy sail to weather the roughest sea.
Your course has always been destination unknown.
How long will it be before you will tug at your anchor?
Wanting to be free to roam the seas once again,
Tasting the excitement of the storm, Accepting the challenge the sea has to offer.
Go little boat and taste the adventure for which you were built.
Return to me when you are weary and in need of rest.
For I have a purpose also – not to anchor you forever but to provide you a sheltered peace between your destination points.

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