Saturday, June 27, 2009

Young Mentors

This past week, while at Wings of Hope, I had the opportunity to work with two of our summer interns. Both are college students and bright as a shiny new penny. It was such a delight to talk with them as we stuffed, stamped and sealed thousands of mailing pieces. Both are enthusiastic travelers, always planning a trip or two ahead of the one currently scheduled.

We discussed movies, music and books and I delighted in our exchange of information. The one young intern, hearing of my interests suggested a couple of books for me. One, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, I quickly ordered up from my library. You can imagine my surprise when I picked the book up from the library and found it to be just short of 1500 pages! Whew, I will be busy reading for a bit it seems. I'm not sure where I went amiss is my education that I had not read this classic long before now. But thanks to these young people, that are our future, for being a mentor to me as well.

Again, I must say to my fellow senior citizens, get out there and get involved; you never know the special rewards that await you in your volunteering endeavors.

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