Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going Home Again - Lake St. Louis, MO 2000-2005

Heritage of Hawk Ridge
When I moved to this new active seniors community there weren't many seniors and even fewer activities. A handful of residents had moved in a couple of weeks ahead of me while I waited for my house, the first one to be built, to be completed. The beautiful clubhouse pictured here would not be completed and opened for another year, along with the swimming pool and tennis courts.
Looking back on those early days it was fun and a unique experience for me. It will forever be the only place where, at least for the first few years, I knew everyone in the community. Usually I would stop by and introduce myself and welcome the new resident within the first couple of weeks after they moved in. By the time I moved away there were people living on my own street that I had never met.
I wouldn't call myself an unfriendly person, though others may, but I do prefer small numbers of people versus large numbers. That goes for parties as well. I just feel over-whelmed by big numbers, feel about the same way when I step on a scale.
I think my downfall in this active seniors community was really all the rules and regulations. I mean, really, what's wrong with painting your house purple if you choose? And being limited in size and number of yard ornaments, what's that all about? I was so hoping to find a home for my life size statue of David in the front yard. Oh, well, another time, another place.
When the swimming pool opened that second summer, it was mine all mine. I loved it. Little by little more residents found the pool and began enjoying it as well. Finally the clubhouse was at last completed we started up our little parties, all twenty of us. Fun. The last time I went out for a visit there were several hundred people now enjoying the benefits of an active senior life.

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