Thursday, August 13, 2009

Home A Last - Chesterfield, MO - 2005 - Present

Monarch Trace

This could be the final chapter in the seventy-one years of various towns, cities and countries that I have called home over time. It's odd to think that I would never move again, well of my own volition at least. So perhaps this isn't the last stop.

You know how they say location is everything. The location here is almost perfect. I can easily walk to the library and to the mall should I desire. There is a swimming pool just across the street that I usually find my way into at least once a summer. Sometime in the future they will build the little proposed shopping area that proclaims it will include a book store and coffee shop. Both would be nice. I might stick around for that.

The condo layout for me is just perfect, I like it when all rooms are used. I am in the process of converting the guest bedroom into a research storage area. An easily accessible spot to store all the old photos until I can complete my scanning projects.

The condo association just completed cleaning and staining all the decks and power washing the siding so everything is nice and spotless. I have returned the deck furniture to the outside and with cooperating weather temperatures will soon take a comfortable seat and enjoy my book and perhaps a glass of wine.

Our mid-west approach to Fall can be one of the most delightful times of year here. We sometimes call it "California" weather.

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