Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Giant Awakes

(Click on picture to enlarge)
In the wee hours on Monday morning flatbed trucks carrying the body parts of a sleeping giant arrived next door to me. The local news heralded the coming of the giant, which will be officially unveiled on October 10 at a special Chesterfield Arts presentation. The sculpture is called The Awakening and was done by artist J. Seward Johnston, Jr. It is in five huge parts, if I counted correctly, the three you can see above; arm, foot and leg, and then there is also the giant's head and his left hand, as he is shown emerging from his slumber beneath the earth. It was really something to see this art work being assembled, no small feat really [or foot for that matter], but why not dream big. I think we are very lucky to have this sculpture as a part of our growing community of art. I am really looking forward to our first snowfall to see how the awakened giant likes the taste of our winters. I will be sure to capture his pleasure or displeasure and share it with you.


  1. Great picture of The Awakening being installed! I'm with a communications firm helping Chesterfield Arts promote this sculpture. Wondering if you might give us permission to use this image with a news release we're sending to local St. Louis media, as well as regional and national publications. We're happy to credit the photo to you. If so, please email me at Thanks!