Sunday, September 13, 2009

Take a Look

Sometimes we only have to take a look into the mirror to see who our own worst enemy is. I am a huge tennis fan and always look forward to great tennis matches. We had one going last night between Kim and Serena and there is no telling for sure how it would have ended if Serena had kept her own demons under control. It is so sad for everyone, players and fans alike, to have it end as it did on such a sour note. I feel especially sorry for Kim as she was the innocent party here and the one who was robbed of the excitement of victory.

I am sure you have watched matches that go, seemingly endlessly from deuce to ad and back to deuce again, on and on. In time you wonder how the two players can even stand up let alone get the ball back in such swift manner. No telling what would have happened if Serena had taken the high ground after the foot fault call, stayed focused and delivered her serve. No telling…

But if you look at what did happen it is easy to see who Serena's real enemy is. She was disappointed at her first set loss and bounced the racquet in frustration. But she let the demons take over and then proceeded to pound the racquet and breaks the frame. Result: CODE VIOLATION #1 – RACQUET ABUSE – WARNING ISSUED.

Now we are into the exciting second set, Serena is down, Serena breaks back. Back and forth, it looks like this set will go to a tie breaker. Serena has been serving phenomenal aces and is turning into a serving machine. She goes to serve at 15-30 and a foot fault is called on her second serve, score is now 15-40. Serena could have flashed a dirty look at the linesman; almost anything but getting up in her face and saying she would like to jam this "f---ing" tennis ball down her "f---ing" throat. Result: CODE VIOLATION #2 – UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT/VOICING AN OBCENITY – POINT PENALTY. The score went quickly from 15-40 to game, set and match for Kim.

It is wrong to blame the official for the result of the match; we must take responsibility for our own actions. If Serena had taken time to glance into the mirror last night she might have caught sight of the demon in time, and served out the game in her favor and then on to a tie breaker. We will never know.

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