Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You Bob Marley***

Here's a little song i wrote,
you might want to sing it note for note,
don't worry, be happy

in every life we have some trouble,
when you worry you make it double
don't worry, be happy

dont worry be happy now
dont worry be happy
dont worry be happy
dont worry be happy
dont worry be happy
aint got no place to lay your head,
somebody came and took your bed,
don't worry, be happy

the landlord say your rent is late,
he may have to litagate,
dont worry (small laugh) be happy,

look at me im happy,
don't worry, be happy

i give you my phone number,
when your worried, call me,
i make you happy

don't worry, be happy

aint got no cash, aint got no style,
aint got no gal to make you smile
but don't worry, be happy

cos when you worry, your face will frown,
and that will bring everybody down,
so don't worry, be happy

don't worry, be happy now...

don't worry, be happy
don't worry, be happy
don't worry, be happy
don't worry, be happy

now there this song i wrote
i hope you you learned it note for note
like good little children

dont worry be happy

listen to what i say
in your life expect some trouble
when you worry you make it double
dont worry be happy
be happy now

dont worry, be happy
dont worry, be happy
dont worry, be happy
dont worry, be happy
dont worry
dont worry be happy
don't worry, don't worry, don't do it,
be happy,put a smile on your face,
don't bring everybody down like this

don't worry, it will soon pass whatever it is,
don't worry, be happy,
i'm not worried


Covers and alternative versions

Versions of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" have been recorded by several artists. The Katsimiha Brothers made a Greek cover of the song with original lyrics, and Montenegrin musician Rambo Amadeus made a parody entitled "Don't Happy, Be Worry," as a critique to the optimism of the music scene in the former Yugoslavia in the face of war and economic depression. The lyrics of "Fight the Power" by hip-hop artists Public Enemy also refer to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". This song is also added into the Big Mouth Billy Bass. Hermes House Band covered the song on their "Rhythm of the Nineties" album in 2009. Reggae artist Cas Haley covered the song as a hidden bonus track on his "Favorites" album (together with former Jah Roots lead singer, Josh Heinrichs). Also in 1989 Dutch rock DJ Alfred Lagarde recorded a version in Dutch with a heavy Surinam accent under the name Johnny Camaro. This song is often mistakenly credited to Bob Marley (who had died seven years before McFerrin wrote the song), a result of frequent mislabeling among the file-sharing generation. This is why I love Bob Marley always way ahead of anything before it actually happened.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Last Supper - Maui Style

The foot returns home to California but not before one last meal at the BEST restaurant ever!!!! Have a great flight home. ALOHA MAUI

Help Solve the Mystery

Here are three photos, the two end ones are of my Uncle John on his last visit home before leaving for the war in 1918. The middle picture is the one from the Wabash postcard found in with my grandmother's letters. The x is over a soldier that I am guessing is my Uncle John, it looks like him to me. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're On the Wabash

I discovered this post card among my grandmother's treasures, it's in pristine, off the rack condition. But there is a mystery here. If you look closely you will see someone has inked in a small x over the head of one of the soldiers. I have looked at it a hundred times and wonder if it could be my Uncle John. Sometimes you see things as you want them to be, but I know no other reason why my grandmother would have been kept it with the letters he sent home to her. 

These Little Piggies Play Golf

Now BK, I don't think you are going to be able to "wish" the ball out of that sand trap. You are just going to have to get those toes of yours sandy.

Hm-mm, from the little bit I know about golf I have a couple of suggestions before you putt: 1) remove flag pin and 2) remove feet from the line of your putt. Also it looks like you are putting too much weight on your heels. Don't forget to turn in your score when your round is done.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This Little Piggy....

... well actually all ten, went to Palm Springs! Nice pedicure Bonnie. Enjoy the vacation.

Look for the Union Label

My Tomato

I have this friend, we'll call him Casey, that actually grows tomatoes. Not the one pictured here, but he has posted photos of his 'never camera shy' garden delights. You can find his tomatoes and other delights at Casey blog. Now the truth be told I had to trek off to the local supermarket to find anything close to what a real garden might produce. With any luck this tomato won't taste like cardboard when I finally get to taste it. Too bad we can't cut and sample in the produce section.

I'm documenting with this little guys official label, so if things aren't right we can blame it on Canada.

~ ~ ~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Final Farewell

Lou Pinella
                             AP Photo by Y. Huh

Lou probably put it best today when he said, "It's a good day to remember and also it's a good day to forget." Too bad the Cubs couldn't win the last one for Sweet Lou, but it was not to be as the scoreboard showed the  Braves 16 - Cubs 5.

As a mom myself (and a Cub fan) I found it quite moving that Lou's decision to quit now, before the season ended,  was so he could go home to help and be with his ailing mother. He leaves behind an amazing career and an overall record of 1,835 - 1,713, he made it to five World Series and took home three championship rings. I wish he could have he could have added one more ring to the total though during his four years with the Cubs...sigh.

You are a good man Sweet Lou!

My Little Cottage for a Month

Photo of rental cottage in January 2008 on my shelf of memories

Well as luck would have it, after a massive search for the pictures I took of the cottage on Balboa Island in January of 2008, they no longer exist except for this lone one I had printed out and framed. I think they were with the lost ones on my laptop. I had a HD crash last year and sadly never copied the few photos I had there.

But I thought I would check the Vacation Rentals By Owner site, which is where I found the cottage rental in the first place and sure enough the owners still have it listed. It's a wonderful little spot, quiet and located on the Grand Canal of Balboa Island, it is an easy walk of a couple of blocks to the island's main street and all the shops, restaurants and coffee places. I took the place for the month of January in 2008 in celebration of my 70th birthday - a birthday gift to me. I wish I could have stayed forever.

Located in Newport Beach, CA
Sunrise over the Grand Canal at low tide

Front of the cottage

Little Cottage on the Grand Canal

View of Grand Canal towards Irvine Terrace in Corona del Mar

Sunny Living Room

With Fireplace

Bright and useful Kitchen

Dining Area in Kitchen

Comfy Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom and Small additional sleep area

And of course extra amenities

I think probably this little cottage was built in the 1930's or early 1940's. The current owners did a wonderful job of renovation, making it up to date but still retaining the cottage charm. In the back of the cottage over the parking area they added another separate Owner's Unit which is nice, but I prefer the cottage charm.
As a kid growing up just a couple of miles from here, I spent a lot of summers on this little island eating frozen bananas and Balboa bars and across the bay at the Fun Zone on the Balboa peninsula. In my adult years I always wanted to rent a place here for the winter, it was such a wonderful and quiet place in the winter when all the summer tourists and vacationers had gone home. I never was able to do that, but I promised myself as a special treat I would spend my seventieth birthday there and I did. But really, can you believe I would be so stupid as not to have saved all those photos I took!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

People Who Live In Glass Houses...

No stone throwing here, please. Now for a mere $35 Million you could call this home. Please note the price does not include the furnishings or the cars.

To read the fully story of  architect Steve Hermann and his glass house and to see more pictures click on the link here  Glass Pavilion.

~ ~ ~

HUNG (Not to be confused with HBO or anything else)

Hammer, hammer, hammer......tap, tap, tap! OK, so my little Get It Up On The Wall project is complete. I had to move my Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd poster to a different location but all is well with my bizarre Depp obsession. (For the record I am far from even being in the 'stalker' category.)

So first, here is my framed Paris Thru a Knothole series, which fit in nicely, I think, in the entry location. After I finished framing it I thought about giving it to my daughter, but then I thought again and decided to enjoy it myself for awhile. She can have it after I'm gone, it will have more meaning then.

Paris Thru A Knothole

The Entry Now

There is a good reason for the odd arrangement shown below. First, I didn't realize until I was finished with the Child Annie that I had put my masking tape on crooked. After years and years of working in a financial world where EVERYTHING had to add up and be exact, I now tend to plow through life much like a bull on the run. (Editorial Comment: Actually her personal life was always like a bull on the run.)  I was going to remove the canvas and replace it straight, but then the "eyes" of Child Annie kept bugging me -- too piercing and I couldn't get them right.

So I then gave it a Caseyesque treatment with a plaid overlay, better, but it didn't correct the original crookedness. When I got around to hanging all three pieces in the space formerly occupied by Sweeney Todd, I thought wait - if I just hang this crooked you don't notice my original error. Voila!

Also the one, framed work, is the one I had to cut down to fit the frame, it rebalanced the original work and ended up pleasing me more.

A Mish-Mash of Attempts d'Art

The Child Annie / Selfless Portrait / H. Poirot

The Eyes Have It... an answer revealed.

The question was, do you know who this eye belongs to?

And the answer is.....

Friday, August 20, 2010

On Assignment - Maui - The Sunday Update

I'm sending my best cub reporter to Maui in search of the "other" foot that refused to come home last July. It makes this Editor feel good that my reporter took time in flight to peruse the Safety Instructions - Better Safe Than Sorry. Also probably better he didn't photograph all those empty 'miniatures' that might have been consumed.

The Sun Also Rises as do all good reporters, cub or otherwise, well I can hardly wait until this game is afoot.

But there seems to be a slight delay - the hunt will not begin until coffee and the...

Coffee and paper work out of the way, I see my trusty cub reporter is now hard at work...

Woman's work is from sun to sun, but a cub reporter's work is never done.

My club reporter is calling it quits for the day, ahhhhhhhhhhh.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arrivederci Roma

France is sending its gypsies back to Romania! Wow, this Arizona thing is catching on worldwide. If we all get sent back to where we came from I wonder where we will all end up?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Out and About This Morning

I woke up on the early side for me this morning, before 7:30 am, had a cup of coffee and noticed that the current temperature was hovering below 75 degrees. So I started a load of laundry and grabbed my camera and my knot hole and decided to take a little stroll over to the park that's just across the street. Would you like to come along?

When you don't have a real knot hole this is what you can use.

I may not have a backyard but I am lucky that just across the street is one of our city's parks. This one has a pool and nice play yard for the kiddies, plus it is currently being expanded with a new stream-side walking path and amphitheater. Maybe with a little luck the job will be completed in time for our use next spring.

This is a new flower bed that the city put in this year, it helps to brighten up the area behind it which is the utility building for the swimming pool that is located just over the fence in the upper right of this picture.

They even were thoughtful enough to provide a special spot for birds only. The yellow umbrellas in the distance are located in the pool area for people like me that like to have a little shelter from the sun. Makes a nice little spot to curl up with a book on a warm summer day.

Of course I had to take a peek at the flowers growing there and despite the horrendous heat this summer they seem to be faring pretty well. I love the summer shades of pink and orange that are on display.

Just around the corner, shh, quiet now we don't want to scare her away, I spotted this young girl enjoying her morning frolic in the park.

Isn't she adorable and as I got a bit nearer to her she didn't seem to mind my being there at all.

I couldn't help but notice this pretty hibiscus, I wasn't there early enough to capture the early morning dew upon the petals, but I did get there not too long after the sprinkler's were turned off which left larger than life dew drops behind.

On my way back home I thought I would swing by Casey's house, maybe I would be lucky and catch him up and out in his yard either gardening or maybe with his camera snapping a few shots. You can imagine my surprise when I peeked in to find Casey right there looking back at me.

Silly me it made me jump.

Have a great day all my little blog visitors. It was nice of you to stop by.