Monday, November 14, 2011

And Who is WATCHING the NRC?

I hope the answer isn't the nuclear power industry....

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a restart of both reactors after a series of inspections showed no functional damage from the quake.

But Paul Gunter, director of the the Reactor Oversight Project for the nuclear industry watchdog Beyond Nuclear, says only one of the two units has been properly inspected.

“The NRC basically has allowed the two units to to restart based on the inspection of one,” Gunter says.

The NRC says it is satisfied with the inspections that showed no functional damage to the plant.

The two reactors will be restarted in phases over 10 days, with tests on all safety equipment along the way. Extra staff also will be in on hand.

The first reactor is expected to reach full power by midweek. The second is expected to start next week and be up to full power by Nov. 20.


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