Monday, November 21, 2011

My Interview with Albert Einstein

I was so very excited I could barely contain myself when I snagged an exclusive interview with the great Albert Einstein. I worked long into the night to formulate the questions I would ask. Here is that interview, oh and thanks to the staff photographer who accompanied me and captured the very essence of this brilliant man.

Me: So Mr. Einstein, what are you feelings on how President Obama handled the Libya invasion?

A.E.: Libya? Libya?...........Give me a moment here to clear my thoughts You know my mind has just been twirling of late over the this relativity issue..........hmm, Libya? Could you clarify that a bit for me?

Me: Oh, Mr. Einstein thats............

A.E. Please...... call me Albert.

Me: Well, thank you, Albert it is then. So then, Albert, could be talk a bit about this new discovery, these neutrinos, which seem to scoot about and travel faster than the speed of light?

A.E.: Oh, that is utter nonsense. Where do these guys come up with with these findings? Could we return to the Libya questions? I think I remember something about that now.

Me: Well, certainly Albert, that is fine. So, sir, what are your thoughts on how President Obama handled the Libya invasion?

A.E.: Ah.............President Obama? Obama? Now who is that exactly?

Editorial Comment: Sometimes too much time travel can mess up your mind.


  1. Hilarious, Annie!! LOL On so many levels...



  2. Hi Katie, long time no Glad I could provide a chuckle. And hey.......have a great Turkey Day too. A.A.

  3. I love this man. It's still inconceivable that one person could have come up with the amazingly counter-intuitive notions of relativity and warped spacetime. We're still testing his predictions and the data continues to match perfectly. Compare his brilliance with our current know-nothing society. It's a breathtaking contrast.