Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bright New Year 2012

Photo courtesy of  Anthony Clark (NRDC)
Yahoo Blogger Sarah B. Weir Fincially Fit has written a really informative post of the new Light Bulb Law that will take effect January 1, 2012. Looks like those former eco-unfriendly bulbs will get replaced by a new bulb that looks more like our old bulb. We all like change don't we, as long as it's not too much change.

I think I ended up only buying two of those "squiggly" bulbs that were suppose to last almost forever. Then I read about how it was very important that they be disposed of properly and not just set out with the daily trash - I panicked and constantly worried I would forget and send the used bulb off to my local dump by mistake.

So this new 'old-looking' bulb looks like it may be the bee's knees in the bulb world. Sarah writes:
"The new incandescent bulbs operate and look just like the old-fashioned bulbs that you are used to-they have the same shape and base design. And, according to Horowitz, most people won't notice any difference in the color or quality of light. What is different is that they have an improved filament design, which makes them 28% more efficient as the law requires. So, when you are bulb shopping for replacements for your old 100-watt incandescents, look for new ones labeled "72-watt soft white." Sylvania, Philips, and GE all make similar versions."
Clink on this link to read the full story from Sarah B. Weir's blog post, it's interesting. In the meantime I think I will just take this time to wish you all a very "bright" New Year.

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