Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Deer!

This was a story that ran in this morning's Chesterfield Patch: Deer rams woman outside local store and knocks her unconscious. The woman remains in ICU in critical condition as one or our local hospitals. 

We have an abundant deer population in my town and adjacent towns and the deer have been a cause for concern on both sides of the issue. No hunting signs are posted around the city of Town and Country and at last month's council meeting heard protests against having sharpshooters brought in to help control the deer population. Ellisville where the deer attacked occurred is adjacent to my town, they claim a deer density of about 65 per square mile. They try to maintain a deer density of about 20 to 30 per square mile.

Both the Fire Chief and the Metro West Fire Protection District Chief Medical Officer said they have never heard of an incident where a deer struck a person outside of a car in their over thirty years on the job.

Perhaps this was just a rouge incident of a deer gone bad, let's hope so at least. Would hate to see the "Attack of the Killer Deer" become common place.

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  1. Late in the afternoon I put out food for the deer. Four of them come the moment it gets dark. They're so pretty. On the other hand, I knew a guy who hit one when he was riding his motorcycle. Broke 52 bones, or so he told me. He was in a wheelchair for ages.