Monday, January 30, 2012

On A Clear Day You Can See...Byron, Illinois

A loss of power from Unit #2, nuclear plant located in Byron, Illinois occurred today. The full article as reported in The Washington Post can be read by clicking here.

Steam, containing low levels of radioactive tritium, was being vented out into the air to help reduce the pressure within the reactor.

Of interest and awaiting answers:

  • NRC spokeswoman said - Smoke was seen from an onsite station transformer but no evidence of a fire was found when the plant’s fire brigade responded. 
  • Exelon spokesman Paul Dempsey said there is “no reason we can pinpoint right now” for the power loss. 
In March 2008 the NRC investigated a problem with electrical transformers at the plant after outside power to a unit was interrupted.

In April 2011 the NRC conducted special inspections of backup water pumps at the Byron and Braidwood generating stations after inspections raised concerns about whether the pumps would be able to cool the reactors if the normal system wasn’t working. Exelon Corporation initially said the pumps would work but later concluded they wouldn’t.

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