Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remembering Fukushima

Remembering Fukushima with a heavy heart. It has been almost one year since the terrible events of March 11, 2011 occurred in Japan.

A natural disaster compounded by man's great ability to build a path for destruction. My heart remains heavy for the people of Japan, brave souls whose stoicism rises above all else.

Fukushima remains in a fragile state even today. We will continue to watch and wait and hope and pray for a safe outcome in the years that are yet to unfold.
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Here is a link to Frontline Report Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown I could not believe the bravery displayed by the Daichi workers who stood face to face with death as they worked to try and contain the unfolding disaster. And shocked at TEPCO officials, like many here in the United States, who when they feel their backs are against the wall, turn to lies as a solution to the problem.

March 5, 2011 Addition:

Friend Keith alerted me about One Year Later - A Day of Reflection  which is being presented in New York by the New York Japan Society. If you are in the area you might consider dropping by or maybe just show your support by visiting their website. Thanks Keith for remembering.


  1. Hard to believe its's been a year. I heard one of the people involved in that frontline report interviewed on NPR. Terrifying!

    Thank goodness nuclear power is completely safe.

  2. I heard the NPR report as well. If you get a chance watch the Frontline report, it really is an eye opener.

    Yes, clean, abundant and so safe.

  3. I watched the show. It was amazing. I wonder how our own nuclear, Homer Simpson-type employees would fare in such a situation. There was a lot of bravery involved in the Japan recovery. Same thing at Chernobyl, with all those fireman taking suicide shifts on the hose line. The show gave me goosebumps.