Friday, April 6, 2012

Drone Surveillance in the U.S. by 2015?

I heard Kathy Bates, yes that wacko women from "Misery", talk about drone surveillance coming to America in 2015. Well, it was mentioned on the Craig Ferguson show and that's entertainment so you tend to just shrug it off.

Well imagine my surprise when this Scientific American article popped up, High-Altitude Surveillance Drones: Coming to a Sky Near You.

Last week President Obama signed a sweeping aviation bill that, among other things, will open the skies to “unmanned aircraft systems,” more commonly known as drones. Much of the discussion regarding the coming era of domestic drones has been focused on the many important questions regarding their use at low altitudes. To what extent will it be legal, for example, for drones to hover 300 feet above residential neighborhoods snapping pictures into backyards and windows? What level of human-in-the-loop control is needed to ensure safety in a crowded airspace? And how can we stop terrorists from piloting drones at treetop level towards a target?
I swear you have to be diligent people, on the surface one would get the idea that nothing is ever accomplished in Washington, but I would say this little act is pretty major. Be sure to read the full story, it does say it isn't happening tomorrow, but on the other hand it could be.

As bad as the attack on 9/11 was, the sweeping changes that happened with the passage of the Patriot Act was worse. No one really want to talk about this, it's un-American, but just try to take away gun ownership or a woman's right to choose and all hell breaks loose.


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