Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mom, Apple Pie and Gun Ownership... well maybe not in that order

Busy weekend in St. Louis. The Cubs are in town for the Cardinals baseball seasonal opener at home, The Blues are battling San Jose in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and in between fists flailing through the air from the icemen that com-meth you can look up in the crowd and  see all those happy St. Louis faces.

Oh and there is an NRA Convention going on in town as well so it looks like all the bases are covered. Baseball has that hard round ball that can be directed toward a players head in time of strife, and we all know that before the gloves come off in hockey those sticks the players wield can be pretty deadly in the right hands.

So I guess it just a natural progress to want to wander on over to the NRA gun show and look around and find that little something that will preserve and protect your Second Amendment rights.

"Anyone walking through the annual convention at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in St. Louis will be witness to seven acres of what many here have called "Nirvana" for gun enthusiasts." ~ Chesterfield Patch

And like the proverbial icing on the cake in-between gun sales the NRA is handing out political endorsements to ever patient Republican Candidates that are standing in line for the organization's blessings.

During national convention, NRA endorses Wagner

 Wagner, in a statement, said she was honored to have their support and praised the group.

“Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is a founding principle that shall not be infringed upon, I look forward to defending this right in Congress,” Wagner said in a statement. “I will never waiver and I will never flinch in my defense of our personal freedom and individual 2nd Amendment rights.”

Once again I am glad to see that the Republicans have got their priorities straight, "the right to bear arms', yep that's what most people out of work are thinking about, that and why they have no affordable health care insurance for their family. 

When discussion turns to ending the wars in the middle east and bringing our military home, someone always raises a hand and says "wait a second here - let's make sure our Second Amendment right to bear arms is not infringed upon before we move on to middle-east issues. Oh, and when we want to discuss  woman's right  and gay rights, are we going to have to take a seat until the Second Amendment right to bear arms is secure?

This Ann Wagner looks like a Sarah Palin clone without  a bear in the background.

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  1. Romney's speech at the NRA was typical in its lack of facts. He kept saying the President Obama was "bad" for the NRA, the 2nd Amendment, etc, and that he would be "better" but didn't have a single fact to back him up. President Obama has really done NOTHING about the gun problem in this country, except actually allowing guns to be brought on some national parks. What does Romney and the NRA want a President to do? Give away free guns to everyone? Well, everyone that is white, rich and male? Women certainly don't need guns after they make their "choice" to stay home and take care of their rich, white, children.

    But go outside and enjoy Sunday, Annie! I'm going to do some gardening before I come back in and work on a book that's due tomorrow.