Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sue Shear Institute

Monday night things heated up in the Missouri State Legislature when Republican Senator Jane Cunningham of Chesterfield, MO worked her wicked ways to bar funding, both public and private, to the Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life, a University of Missouri St. Louis backed program that trains women to run for office.

The institute was set up as a nonpartisan program to offer training and encouragement to women that are considering running for public office. The institute receives funds from both the state and private donations and what was under discussion Monday night was the $250,000 that the Shear Institute would get from the University of Missouri.

Under the thin veil of fiscal responsibility of keeping Missouri's $24 billion budget trimmed the Missouri House voted down funding 93-59.  In a editoral today a wise observation was made:

"On the same day the Missouri House voted to cut funding to train women for public service, it gave nearly the same amount of money in a handout to a Canadian company that transports highly radioactive material across the state, by cutting its fees and eliminating safety inspections.
That just about says it all."

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