Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What to do with all that "shit"?

Waste has been an issue almost since time began. And call it what you may; manure, waste, or simple "shit" it is something that has to be taken care of. Always has and always will.

I don't remember seeing any old west movies where horse manure was piled high in the street so somebody must have been taking care of the issue. And if you are involved in a business that has anything at all to do with animals, certainly high on the list of things to do is the proper disposal of animal waste.

Then I ask you people why is it to hard to wrap your heads around the fact of nuclear spent fuel? The nuclear energy process includes producing spent fuel, waste! In this business though it is slightly more challenging than animal waste. You can't use spent nuclear fuel for compost, or spread it on crops or hay fields. You need to provide long term disposal facilities and when I say long term I'm talking about 1,000 of years, OK?

The fight over Yucca Mountain is still around, see today's New York Times Article on Yucca Mountain. But the fact is whether this nuclear shit goes to Yucca Mountain or somewhere else, it has to go somewhere, even if  new reactors were never to be built, which we know is not the case. And I'm talking about the strong stuff, the high-level nuclear waste.

Low-level nuclear waste already has its own champion by name of Harold Simmons, a billionaire that wants a waste dump in Texas. And to make sure, this stand up Republican man contributes to the right candidates and the right causes to assure he will get what he wants.

Follow the money.......... a lot like sniffing after the manure trail, and eventually you will find the horse.

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