Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Missouri's Economic Development Summit

Hmm, on the surface it all seems innocent enough, but my invitation didn't read "Black Tie Optional" it definitely was an "all white" affair.

The Governor has his big guns working overtime in his efforts to convince anyone within ear shot that Missouri in on the brink of being home to a "new global industry", that new industry being the manufacturing of SMR's. Small nuclear reactors that are more affordable, easier to build (translate that into faster to build), they are the sliced bread of reactors.

A couple of issues however, getting this project off the ground for Ameren-Westinghouse  will still take taxpayer money to fund this project and what concerns me and what nobody is talking about, is that they still generate spent fuel.

Address this issue first. Show me that you can supply long-term permanent storage for spent nuclear fuel and then call me, I will happy to listen to your proposal. In the meantime stop with the bull-shit, stop jerking us around telling tall tales about how this unproven technology is going to define Missouri.

If the American people knew what was going on and how their money was being spent I think they would be up in arms. I mean look how they reacted to the president's Affordable Health Care bill and that was done with the intent of helping people not potentially harming them.

Clearly this "public-private partnership" is a sham. Take taxpayers dollars so Ameren-Westinghouse can green up their bottom line. If it is such a sparkling great idea I would think they could also find private funding for this.

Let the Department of Energy concentrate instead what they are going to do with all the nuclear poo that has no permanent home.

Link to full story: Reactor Project Could Define Missouri

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