Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday Rants - Revised to JUST RANTS

Here are some things in the news that contribute to my over-all mental instability and draw me closer to the day I will move to some far, far away island and spend my time harvesting coconuts and smoking dope.

BSA Reaffirm Gay BanSee Huffingtonpost Full Story

Imagine over-hearing these words being whispered from the boardroom of the Boy Scouts of America "After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America emphatically reaffirmed its policy of excluding gays."

The New Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent and definitely NOT GAY.

I have spent many years in the Scouting program; as a Brownie and Girl Scout and then later as a parent fulfilling my role of both Girl Scout Leader and Boy Scout Den Mother. Back then I wore my little green uniforms proudly but today I would organize a protest and burn that sucker.

What are the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America saying here? That gays are NOT trustworthy or loyal or helpful or friendly. No, not even courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful and thrifty. Forget brave, clean and reverent - never traits seen in gays.

Not to mention that gay boys are entitled to advantages and experiences of boys in general; growing up developing friendships, camping experiences and the various challenges put forth in the merit badge programs. Gays are not sub-human life forms, they are viable contributing members of our society and this archaic view that permeates a portion of our society today needs to be done away with. And the sooner the better.


Sandusky Investigation Shows Break-down in University-Trustee Relationship

Big "duh" on this story as powers that be scramble to save their own assess by penalizing future students of Penn State.

The problem that exists at Penn State is a problem that is exists a most major universities in this country, money, the big buck funding of their sports programs, mainly college football.

An investigation at all schools would probably turn up varied and unwanted news of all forms of abuses, not limited to the abuse of children. What surprises me is that people seemed shocked by the Penn State initial cover-up and whitewash of the Sandusky sexual-abuse case when it first saw light.

Come on people, really, you don't bite the hand that feeds you!

Issue #1 - Sandusky. He has been tried and found guilty.

Issue #2 - Co-conspirators. Pulling the Penn State football program does not address the issue. There should be a general purging of all administrative level members. The university's president, the Penn State board of trustees and all football coaches on staff during the periods of Sandusky's child abuses.

Then they can think about rebuilding again. It will be a long, hard road back, but then again, being an abused child isn't exactly a cake walk.


  1. I agree on the Penn State issue. Why penalize the students? Just fire everyone concerned and carry on. As for the scouts, I was amazed by their "emphatic" wording. It's like they're yelling, "We're bigots and proud of it!" Well, nothing will change for me. I always walk over to every adult connected with the Boy Scouts and tell them the organization is bigoted and they should be ashamed to be connected with it. This issue dies so hard.

  2. Thanks for commenting and speaking up against the bigots in the BSA program.