Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Three R's


Ryan &


Well here we go folks, back to basics - the Three R's, the very foundation of our American system. How can we possibly go wrong?

Answer - Maybe the same way our children have been slipping through the educational cracks. They can't read, they can't write and the old 'rithmetic is pretty poor as well, but dang they do look good carrying their smart phones and hanging out in their designer clothes. And after all that's what really matters, right?, looking good.

Just look at Romney, even central casting couldn't come up with a better person to play the role of Mr. President. He's rich and well groomed and his clothes fit perfectly. Nice teeth as well, none of those fake wooden jobs that another president wore.

And as any well bred person knows you don't talk about your money or religion and he hasn't. But I wonder how long he can keep his tax returns under wraps or shall we just let our speculation run rampant? As far as religion goes Romney really doesn't need to say anything, the Mormon Church has been spending a lot of bucks over the past few years advertising on television the fact that Mormons are just like you and me; they come in all flavors and can be found in all professions. Why I bet you can even find unemployed Mormons as well.

Republicans who couldn't seem to find a way to be supportive or offer up alternative solutions under the Obama presidency are now able to offer up solutions for everything that ails us from healthcare to education and from homeland security to energy. Sit back folks and enjoy the ride, you well be in good, well manicured hands.

But I caution you take notes. Buy yourself one of those little spiral notebooks and start writing and don't forget to date the pages. Then in 2016 look back through your notes and ask yourself, "Am I better off today than I was four years ago?"

Then you can decide if one term is long enough for Romney and start thinking about moving ahead in a better direction. That is if we haven't gotten ourselves in more of a pickle in the middle-east. And that is if we the people really care about changing things for the people, the ordinary people like you and me. The ones that walk the streets, stand in lines and lay awake a night worrying about tomorrow.

I'm thinking that if our leaders continue to look good, wear nice clothes and have enough money to get elected  that's all that really matters. Maybe if we plant more trees and shrubs we won't have to see our poor and hungry and our sick or our old folks. Just cover them up with greenery and no one will notice.

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  1. I agree with everything you said, Annie. Like you, I wrote a dyspeptic post about the Ryan pick. It really depressed my weekend (and life). What is there to say? No one seems to remember what this country is all about. If you could go back 30 years and show today's politics to those Americans, they'd think you were joshing them. "That's impossible," they'd say. Alas, it's not impossible at all.