Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just the facts, Ma'am...

Had an 'almost' discussion going on regarding the authenticity of the movie plot in the film Argo the other day on my Facebook account. It's funny I have never turned to Hollywood for the facts, all I ask is that I be entertained. I want my five bucks worth when I take my seat, sans popcorn and soda.

For that matter I don't turn to Fox News, or CNN or even MSNBC for the facts either, all these so called news channels are in the entertainment business as well. We are after all Americans and we want to be entertained, don't confuse us with the facts, Ma'am.

Today Charles Deemer posted a lengthy post on screen writing and the embellishments to history that Hollywood might take from time to time. I found it most interesting and I hope you will to. You can read the entire post here Writing The History Play: Why dramatists lie in the pursuit of truth

I think it is wise to remember that indeed "history gets written by the winners".


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