Monday, January 28, 2013

Nuclear Nuggets... or ...

Life is like a box of chocolates... you just never know...


  1. I'll have a cesium nougat, please. Bad news on the nuclear front. Gee. Burying it. I'd never have thought of that. At least everyone who goes there in the next 50,000 years will be completely safe. Thank heaven! You've really got to hand it to the planners. Helluva job.

  2. Maybe we should plan a special dinner just invite all these people who so cleverly thought through all of this years ago. Wouldn't you love to ask them some questions?

    Can't transport the stuff to permanent storage, too risky. Can't leave it where it is, too risky. What's a body to do? Oh, wait, I have an idea, let's just bury it on-site. Ta dah problem solved.

    1. I think there's no planning process for nuclear waste because we've abandoned the idea that humanity has a future. Thinking we have a future is so last century. So why plan?