Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Turning Over...

Not in my grave (that's later) ...

I've been restless, dissatisfied and unfulfilled and I am not talking about my sex life, rather the vast wasteland of television. News that is not news but performances by very well paid actors, though they don't list that on their business cards.

Stupid series and their endless spinoffs about the sex lives of the housewives of America. They should come up with a new professional name, I thought a housewife was a woman who ran and managed a home?

Anyway I've made some changes. I have dumped my high-priced cable channels, all 200 of them that I rarely watched and in their place just the basic local channels. I am going back to Netflix and the $7.99 blue plate special. I will give them a try again and see if I get more bang for my buck.

Why is it I had this feeling when I canceled a couple of years ago they knew I would be back? They must have had something up their sleeve. Perhaps a House of Cards???

With every change in life there is a period of adjustment, but just as a hard core junkie knows once you kick the habit life will go on and in most cases it is even brighter.

When you find yourself at the lowest point in your life, and girlfriend finding yourself watching the Kardashians and realizing you are actually paying for the displeasure, sweetie, it doesn't get much lower. It is time to pull the needle out of your arm and get your own life back.

Who knows I may even find more time to read again.

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  1. I find myself embarrassed when I spin the dial. It amazes me that people watch this drivel. And I always wonder, is it the producers' fault? Or are people really attracted to the worst garbage imaginable? I guess it's a combination of the two. But either way, TV is useless for anything but sports. There isn't even one real news channel. It's a joke. Good for you, for tossing it. And thank dog for computers!