Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day Eight - At Sea

Middle of Nowhere

Current distance traveled 2,789 nautical miles, sea depth 15,550 feet, speed 18.7 knots.

Today’s chat with the Captain revealed that we are literally in the ‘middle of nowhere’. I always wondered where that was.  Now I know and now I have been there

We have been experiencing seas with a swell of about 12 feet. Not too bad, but it caused enough of a slosh that they had to drain the two main pools. Occasionally we have to grab a handrail but for the most part it hasn’t been bad at all. I wonder if there is a point when you can drink just the right amount to level things back out again.

Captain say tomorrow it will calm back down and it will be smooth sailing the rest of the way.

I had to push myself to get to a 9:30 am lecture this morning.  I am really enjoying the series that the forensic psychiatric is giving. In fact I ran into him later on the ship and got to have a chance to say hello.

The debate today was: “Death Penalty – Yes or No”.  Hands down Americas favor the death penalty over other parts of the world. One American man even suggested that rather than the death penalty, criminals should be forgiven and then they should become part of a mandatory organ harvesting program. OK, first time I have ever heard that as an option.

This cruise is really opening up my eyes to things.


  1. I love the photo of nowhere. It looks so familiar. Are the ocean swells good for sleeping? Sounds like a hammock.

    It's good to read your posts, Annie. I hope you keep blogging about the trip. There's so much ahead.

  2. Yes, very soothing to be rocked to sleep at night.

  3. I am glad to read that you will have smooth sailing from here on out. Tell Aunt Mollie that I love my golfing lessons. The golf pro said that I improved from my first lesson by 100 percent. I have even been practicing my swing by hitting tree berries that fall onto my lawn into the street of course when the cars are gone. I am hitting straighter and farther, so I am really impressed by my improvement. It was in the 90 degree range for the last two days here. I heard that cool weather and some rain are in the forecast for the weekend which is surprising. Have a wonderful cruise!
    From, Marjorie

  4. Have a great cruise!