Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day Four - Nassau, Bahamas

Today Nassau is known for its warm smiles and balmy breezes and most of all its easygoing lifestyle. But it has not always been like that. Nassau has a very tumultuous past, this Caribbean haven sheltered religious dissenters, Spanish invaders, freed slaves, English Loyalists and rum smugglers.

The most infamous pirates of the 17th century found the hidden harbors on the island a welcomed refuge. I wonder if there are any traces of the ghost of Jack Sparrow still lingering about. Arrrrr matey.

Today Nassau is part of the British Commonwealth and welcomes visitors from all over the world to relax, enjoy the translucent waters, its colonial charm, and savory cuisine and of course that unmistakable calypso beat.

Here are more tidbits from the Cruise Compass. I don’t know maybe it is the water I am drinking but I am really enjoying this little daily publication. Here is a sampling of what the Mariner Day Spa has to offer.

HAIR & NAILS – It’s all about you. Our professional staff will make sure you look and feel fabulous. Would you look better as a blond, a sassy redhead or a mysterious brunette? Hmm, maybe I will go for the Elizabeth Taylor look when I reach Egypt.

BAMBOO MASSAGE – Imagine warm bamboo and rattan sliding over your muscles. This indulgent massage based on Southeast Asian techniques will revive your senses in a new and innovative way, inspiring the most relaxed state. I have to admit never, ever have I imagined warm bamboo and rattan sliding over my body, I've imagined lots of other things but never bamboo and rattan.

RESTORE YOUTHFUL FACIAL CONTOURS – Experience the safe and effective, youth-enhancing benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic and Restylane, return home looking visibly younger. Ok, family I will send updated photos before I come home so you will recognize me at the airport. This might be the year I send out photo Xmas cards.

Take a bow or two.

Notice: We were informed that due to our positioning, satellite outage will occur while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. So if you don't hear from Artichoke Annie you will know why. I will continue to write and post to the blog whenever the Internet connection is available.


  1. Great colors in the photos! I also love the idea of Botox at sea. I wonder how many people will do it. (Don't you dare, Annie. We like you just as you are.)

    Thanks for the warning. If you disappear from the ether while crossing the Atlantic, we'll try to carry on. Actually, I don't understand how they offer Wi-Fi on airplanes and ships at all. It seems downright unnatural.

    Enjoy, Annie. Just enjoy.

  2. Hey K. when are in and out with connectivity. I guess it depends on where the satellite overhead is position as to how strong the connection is. It is all quite amazing. Later. AA