Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day Seven - At Sea

I woke up early this morning. I enjoy the quiet time each morning and having breakfast brought to my stateroom. The sun is just rising now over the bow of the Mariner. Have I happened to mention yet how good the coffee is? Absolutely love it.

Reflecting on reading my paperwork prior to the ‘crossing’ my first impression was ‘wow, seven days at sea’. But we have been so busy the time is really flying by despite being at sea.

Every evening after dinner I walk outside on the deck and stand by the railing and I am just mesmerized by the sea; the colors, the movement and the sound that the ship makes as it makes it way through this mass of liquid. It really is a different world.

Did you know that it took Columbus five weeks to sail to the Americas from the Canary Islands? Since that time countless of vessels have tried different routes to shorten the route.

Here is a Goggle item for all you readers to search: the Blue Riband. Since 1952 the honor has belonged to the United States for the fastest transatlantic crossing, east to west, of three days, ten hours and forty minutes. Now I would call that flying over the sea.

Because of my early start today I think I may make the Maritime Talk on Great Saves: Rescues at Sea at 9:30 am and then maybe even stop by the beginning Portuguese language class.

I will see how the day unfolds; if my body was willing I could attend the Michael Jackson “Thriller Dance” lessons. On second thought perhaps everyone is better off if I don’t attempt this.

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