Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day Ten - Bonus

 Our ship's yellow rescue boat
 Checking out the scene
 Just a hit of orange junk
 The rescue crew return to the ship
Here was the culprit

Well today was an exciting day for some of the crew. One of the officer's spotted what appeared to be an orange raft this afternoon off our port side. Our ship slowed and diverted to check it out. That's our cracker jack rescue in the yellow boat off to see exactly what it was.

Fortunately it was just what you see a bunch of orange junk. But seafarers always come to the aid of any trouble or potential trouble. But we are now back underway to our next stop on Thursday.

This morning there was a bit of excited for another area when the call "BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO" went out and nobody was asking for encores. There was a little chemical spill in the laundry area. No harm no foul, everything got cleaned up and there were no injuries.

One thing our Captain is Johnny-on-the-spot in letting us know what is going on. No cover-ups here.

OK, I think all this excitement deserves to be toasted. See you all down at the bar.

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