Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day Three Update

I did attend the lecture on Serial Killers yesterday given by a forensic psychiatrist from Sydney, Australia. And you know what, it was very interesting. It will be a subject of a future blog after I get back home.

I also went to the “debate” on the topic of Creation vs Evolution. Before they started the facilitator took a show of hands poll on those that believed in Creation, those that believed in Evolution and those that accepted both. He gave the results as 33% for each, but you know he didn’t want to cause trouble among the guests, that was OK.

The guidelines he gave for comments were to be respectful and keep on topic. How wonderful, how magical, how civil. The people gathered weren’t going to change the world with their comments but I actually enjoyed listening to what people had to say. And because of the ground rule of respect it was actually easy to listen to views I didn’t agree with.

I doubt that any views were changed today but what I came away with that if we are all more civil to one another we could easily live with dissenting views. It is such a small thing on one hand and a very big thing on the other.

Maybe Congress needs to have more cruise directors run for office.

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  1. It's reassuring that you didn't see a sea of hands voting for creationism. Here's hoping you spoke up for the good guys. But with those great topics knocked out on day one, what will future gatherings focus on? Gardening? And yes, it would be very helpful if people were civil. But they're not. Keep on enjoying your cruise!