Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rewind for A Bit of History

In 1852 this was a real adventure.

My great-grandfather embarked on an adventure almost 161 years ago to the day. With his bride of less than one month he climbed into a covered wagon in Arkansas and joined the wagon train headed by Captain William Johnson bound for California.

With two yoke of oxen, one wagon and equipment and provisions John Guess and his wife Harriet Holifield Rogers left their Conway County home on April 7,1852 and followed the Santa Fe Trail to its end in El Monte, California.

In all there were eighty wagons and seventy well armed men. The trip took seven months. Now all these years later I begin my own adventure that will take me halfway around the world in 41 days. My how times have changed.

I tip my cap to great-grandpa for passing on his genes for wanderlust and adventure. Funny, I was born and grew up within just a couple of miles from where his covered wagon finished the journey. Many years later in 1990 I would find myself living in St. Louis, Missouri not all that far from Arkansas where my great-grandfather was raised and began his journey west to California.

Like my great-grandfather I too will be encountering Indians, but mine will most likely not be Native Americans but from India instead

The John Guess Family

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