Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zero Dark 40

That stands for ZERO information, keeping citizens in the DARK 40 hours after an accident occurs.

Ameren Saying Little about Fire at Callaway Nuclear Plant

FULTON, MO–(KMOX)–Three workers are hurt during a fire at the Callaway County nuclear plant — in an event Ameren is keeping a tight lid on.
Ameren is refusing to do interviews after two of the workers suffered burns to the face.  The electrical flash fire erupted just after five o’clock Tuesday night.
In a short statement Ameren says the fire happened outside of the protected area in a switch yard that distributes power from the plant. Operations of the nuclear reactor were not affected, the statement says.
No information is being released on the extent of the burns.  The cause is under investigation.
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Since the accident all that Ameren has released is that three workers were injured and the plant operation has not been interrupted. Ameren deeply respects the privacy of its workers and their family and out of respect is not releasing any information.

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