Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 11 - Port Kelang, Malaysia

Cruise Stats - This is day 40, one day left before we arrive in Singapore. To date we have traveled a total of 13,981 nautical miles since we left Galveston, Texas and 3,475 nautical miles since we were in Dubai.

I woke up this morning and looked out my window and I thought I was back home in Missouri. This scene really could be the Missouri River and all the growth you see along its banks.

I did not opt for an excursion today; really those Ten Thousands Buddhas from yesterday did me in. I spent the morning getting organized and packing up a few things. Then met a friend for lunch and wandered ashore to the little shops they had at the port terminal

I must admit this was my first experience at “bargaining” mostly out of necessity since I didn’t want to exchange any money here and also didn’t want to break my large US currency. So I had $7 in US cash and I just selected some bracelets that for me seemed to be worth that amount and walked up to the cash register person and said I will give you $7 US for these bracelets. He made a quick calculation on his calculation and started to say…”let me ask my wife”… when he hesitated and said “OK”.

I am not sure if he thought his wife would squelch the deal or if he really understood I had $7 to spend and nothing more. I think we were both happy with the deal.

So the journey is drawing to a close. Tonight Table 411 will gather for the last time as our ship slowly slips out of port and heads to Singapore. We are due to arrive early in the morning.

My bags will be tagged and placed outside my cabin door tonight around 7 pm, no later than 11 pm. And when I wake up I will have been halfway around the world in 41 days. What a trip it has been.

But it is not over yet I still have a few days in the city of Singapore left, some sightseeing to do and maybe a little shopping as well before it will be time to board a plane that is US bound – see you soon Chicago/St. Louis.

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