Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 12 - In Transit Gulf of Aden - En Route to Dubai

 Big Busted Ice Show Performer

Big Busted Big Slot Machine Winner

Cruising Stats as of 3:43pm today: 3,422 nautical miles since Barcelona and 8,878 total since Galveston, Texas. We are currently cruising the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and Somalia.

From sunset to sunrise we are in pirate surveillance mode. All qualified eyes will be scanning the waters, ever diligently, ever ready.

But the cruisers have their own missions: a) to stay healthy by washing our hands carefully and often. It seems “someone’ or “ones” brought a bad bug on-board during our first stop in Egypt, and b) if you packed a teenage girl in your belongings on this trip, do make sure you perform a proper bed check each night or several times a night to make sure she is where she should be.

We do not want to have anymore of those 3am calls from the Captain stating that our ‘bed check’ number was off by one. This not only angers the parents but all the cruisers that were awaked by the distress call.

As you were. Until tomorrow then with more on-board adventures.

Again as you were, all is well on the high seas.

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