Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 14 - At Sea En Route to Dubai

Cruise Stats: Sunday morning at 9:23 am, the water depth is 4,550’ off the coast of Oman. We have travel 4,234 nautical miles since leaving Barcelona for a grand total of 9,690 nautical miles since Galveston. After today we have one more day at sea and one more day with men in black before we reach Dubai.

From looking at the map it would appear to me that we are free of the Gulf of Aden and are now cruising unencumbered in the Arabian Sea and Dubai is just around the corner.

Dubai will be another port like Barcelona where some passengers will terminate their voyages, disembark the ship and head for the airport.  And it will be where we will also take on new cruisers for the third and final leg of the cruise to Singapore.

The hardest damn thing for me is keeping track of the dates and days of the weeks, all of which have little or no meaning until it is time to come into port and venture off on some type of cruiser excursion.

Onboard I usually luck out if I find my stomach growling to just fall in line in the nearest queue outside any of the ship’s many restaurant establishments, this maneuver has never failed to lead me to food, and lots of it.

From the Cruise Compass today in the exact order they were presented:

  • DRINK OF THE DAY – Pisa Margarita
  • COUPLES MASSAGE SEMINAR – Make your loved ones happy, learn how to alleviate stress after a long day, or just rekindle the romance. You will lean how to feel better and heal your soul together. We will teach you how to massage each other with proper techniques.

That’s at 1pm in the Spa don’t forget Cruisers… and I am glad it doesn’t conflict with my Canals & Lighthouses of the Ancient World lecture at 10:45am.

See you all later.

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