Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 15 - Last at sea day before Dubai

Cruise Stats: Here are the numbers at 8:45 am this morning - 4,685 nautical miles since Barcelona bringing the total miles traveled since leaving the dock in Galveston to 10,141 nautical miles. We are now officially in the Arabian Sea, sea depth is 9,530’ and at this early morning hour it is 84 degrees.

We have safely made our way through the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Oman without encountering any pirates, hence the absence of any pictures of them. The nice thing is we will once again be allowed out on the decks after sunset to take our evening walks. Looking forward to strolling with the cruisers once again.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day when we arrive in Dubai. At 6 am continuing cruisers will be issued new Sea Passes, at 7:30 am I meet with the excursion group for my Sea Plane tour of Dubai. This is my answer to seeing Dubai without having to go up in any tall buildings.

Tomorrow while I am off the ship my luggage will be moved to a new stateroom for this last sailing leg. I have been very pleased with my current stateroom so I hope they don’t disappoint with my new one.

I will loll about for a bit today, read my book, watch the boat race to be held this afternoon in the pool, have an early dinner and then make sure I am all packed before going to bed early tonight.

Next post will be after my Dubai excursion.

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