Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 2 – At Sea En route to Egypt

Today’s course has Northern Africa on our starboard side and Italy on the port side. This photo shows Italy off in the distance.

It was a warm and wonderful day. These two guys are from Catalina Island; they are husbands (aka non-available males) of a couple of lady friends of Mollie’s.

Johnny Rockets

Today I decided to try out the Johnny Rockets hamburger and fries; get a load of the waiters, aren’t they fun?

Long story on the hamburgers, on the first leg of the cruise our headwaiter came by our dinner table to ask how things were. I had to complain about the quality of the hamburgers coming from the dining room.  He told me to meet him the next day and he would take me to lunch at Johnny Rockets… well he never showed…. the next night I told him I was done with waiting for him. Subsequently I nicknamed him “sweet cheeks” which all the ladies got a kick out of. He is a cute, young Turk.

Tonight I decided to give him my receipt for the hamburger from Johnny Rockets and let him take care of getting a credit for me. By mistake when he came to the table tonight I called him “sweet cheeks” to his face…oops, I had to admit to him this was my nickname for him, but he said he liked it and took my receipt and said he will take care of it. We all had a good laugh at my big mouth and me at the dinner table tonight.

I think we are all having way too much fun. I love cruising and I love the days at sea more than anything. I wonder if they have cruises where you never have to get off the ship? I would love that.

Tonight Captain Flemming gave a welcome speech on the Promenade and introduced some of the staff. I missed this on the first leg as I was still recuperating.  The captain is a cutie from Denmark and also making his presence known was Chief Engineer Thomas Stjernhav from Sweden. It is a shame that only now at this advanced age I have become aware of Scandinavian men. Rats!

Nautical Miles Update: 524 nautical miles from Barcelona, Spain. Total since leaving Galveston, TX is 5,980 nautical miles.

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