Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2 - At Sea En Route to Goa, India

It was a lazy day today. I had my usual room service breakfast only this time it was coffee on my little balcony looking out over the deep blue waters. It was so incredibly peaceful and quiet; the only sound was that of our ship pushing its way through the water. It sounded just like the waves of the Pacific Ocean as they ran to the sandy shores of California.

Later in the day when I stood at the railing I looked down and watched as the ship cut a path through that liquid deep blue sheet and literally caused the sea to reverse flow and turn into a breaking wave without a shore to run to.

Cruise stats as of 4:50 pm this evening: 413 nautical miles from Dubai, total for the cruise 10,919 nautical miles. The depth of the sea is 10,970 feet. Nearest land is Oman.

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  1. That balcony is so cool. May you live on this ship forever.