Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 3 - En Route to Egypt

It is Wednesday here on the Mediterranean Sea and we are moving through the waters at 18.3 knots, the sea depth is 11,190 feet. Benghazi will be coming up on our starboard side, not close enough to see I am sure. So far on this second leg we have travel 828 nautical miles from Barcelona, Spain for at total cruise miles of 6,284 nautical miles.

Today I spotted a dozen or so dolphins playing with our ships wake, of course when there was something to see I would not have my camera with me.

Tomorrow will be one more day at sea, a chance to rest up before the major 12½-hour excursion from Alexandria to see all the ancient sights. In the meantime I can focus on the joy and diversity of cruisers.

I really should have had my camera with me last night to capture the late seating diners. It is like night and day from we “early feeders”.  I think more than an early – late thing it is this cruise status thing of being a frequent cruiser. Levels like gold, platinum and diamond and diamond plus all get specials favors. Found out that the first leg of this trip now completed has us qualified for gold status, we will get one more boost by trip’s end in Singapore but sadly will fall about an additional forty some days short of achieving the diamond level. I wonder how may days/miles it takes to earn the level where the Captain will personally carry your bags on and off the ship?

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  1. I read this post yesterday and last night I dreamed about Alexandria. It was like being inside history, itself. Can't wait for the report on the real thing. PS: You've already got diamond status with me, A.