Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 4 - At Sea En Route to Egypt

Lazy day today at sea. I sat in one of those marvelous lounge chairs and gazed at the beautiful dark blue sea and read a book on my Kindle. Mostly resting up for tomorrow's ardous adventure to see the Pyramids of Egypt.

Tonight I met Captain Flemming and shook his hand and exchanged a few words. He gave a nice reception this evening to welcome back the 'old hat cruisers'.

I am pinching myself at the reality of it all, tonight I will go to sleep and tomorrow morning will wake up in Alexandria, Egypt.

The stats as of this evening are: 1,329 nautical miles since leaving Barcelona, Spain for a total of 6,785 nautical miles since the start of my voyage. The sea depth here is 10,901 feet.

It will be an exciting day tomorrow. We will leave the ship early in the morning, probably around 7:30 am and will not return until late tomorrow evening.

Hope all goes well, we are indeed in an interesting part of the world. Our Cruise Compass reminded us that "Consular services at the U.S. Consulate General in Alexandria have been suspended temporarily."

Today as I looked out over the sea, truly beautiful and tranquil, yet so much turmoil going on not so far away, I thought how odd the human specie is in its quest for power. John Lennon had it right when he said "Give Peace A Chance". The world is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people...if we only would give it a chance...

See you all tomorrow.

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