Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 5 - At Sea En Route to Cochin, India

Goa Harbor marker (yesterday)

This morning it was cloudy and the lack of sunshine turned the color of the Arabian Sea to a hue that was deep and dark ink black. All that seemed missing was a large piece of paper and a huge pen.

I got a late start today, but that is my schedule and me if I don’t have to be somewhere early. I love waking up late in the morning, just coherent enough to press the room service button on my phone and order my usual: orange juice, coffee, scrambled eggs and sausage. They always reply with the same question, “For one or two?” and I answer, “For one.”

Then I am told that it will take 30-40 minutes and they always deliver in 15 minutes. By this time I have managed to get out of my pajamas and into a light cotton shirt that will make sitting outside and taking coffee in the tropical heat bearable. This routine is never boring; the taste of good, hot coffee, coupled with the sound of the sea against the ship and having a good book to read on my Kindle.

I suppose a daily newspaper would be nice but on second thought perhaps not. Life is so much more enjoyable if you can live it freely without even a small dose of reality.

Tomorrow morning we will arrive at Cochin, India and I will have a day long adventure aboard a houseboat that is unique to the Kerala area exploring the inland waterways that are lined with dense tropical vegetation and brilliant green paddy fields. But more on all of this tomorrow I don’t want to get ahead of myself, the days are going by too quickly as it is.

Cruise stats as of 2:30 pm ship’s time is: 1,447 nautical miles since Dubai, total nautical miles is 11,953, we are cruising slowing about 12.9 knots in 250’ of water.

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