Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 8 - At Sea in the Red Sea

As I write this it is 8:06 am and we have traveled about 200 nautical miles since leaving Aqaba, Jordan last night. The sun rises early here and it rises hot, so much so I am willing to forgo my water view and pull the curtains for some morning shade.

Several days ago Captain Flemming informed us that we would be traveling through the Gulf of Aden between May 16 and 20. This is an area were pirate activity has taken place. We have extra security aboard ship now and in addition will be taking certain precautions during this period.

This morning we are having a Safe Haven Drill* so we guests will be prepared should the need arise. Basically it will be a lot like tornedo preparation without a basement, just moving into interior passageways and cabins.

Unbeknownst to Captain Flemming our gang at Table 411 has stowed precious wines and alcohol in the cabins of our buddies with interior rooms. We will have our own ‘hurricane/pirate’ parties should we need to take cover.

Day 10 through Day 15 will be at sea days as we work our way down and around and finally up to Dubai – our final port of leg two of this cruise. All I can say at this point is that this 41-day cruise is going by way too fast.

Anyone want to see if they can find a cruise for me that leaves Singapore heads down to Australia then up and over to Hawaii and then to California where it will refuel before it heads south and east through the Panama Canal. I might be willing to get off in Florida… or just maybe do the whole world one more time.

Stats:  As of 8:30 am our total is 7,852 nautical miles since Texas. And we are in the middle of the Red Sea with Saudi Arabia on one side and Sudan on the other.

*The Safe Haven Drill went well. All passengers were present and account for. Gold stars for everyone onboard. As you were cruisers.

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