Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 9 - Last At Sea Day

Cruise stats at 2:30 pm Wednesday afternoon:  2,867 nautical miles since we left port in Dubai and total since Galveston, Texas is 13,373 nautical miles. The end is near.

Today I have just been trying to relish these last few days. Certainly in this area we have seen more ships than any of the other locations, just today I counted up to seven freighters at one time.

 We passed through an oil spill the other day

I haven’t seen any other passenger ships but that is probably not unusual because of the time of year. I think I heard someone mention that we are the last cruise ship to come through the area before the start of the monsoon season, which begins in June.

Although the monsoons can bring a lots of rain and flooding the water that comes with the downpours are always needed and very welcomed by the natives.

In less than twenty-four hours, 21 to be exact, our ship will be docked at Penang, Malaysia for a short 6½-hour visit. My choice for a tour will be the Kek Lok Si Temple, its better known as the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and it is the largest Chinese Buddhist Temple in Malaysia.

Like Goa, the Portuguese traders were the first Europeans to reach this area in the 16th century in their search for spices. So it is no wonder that Penangites like to eat, and round the clock it is said and they like to eat something different everyday.

Roadside stand in Cochin

Certainly if I come across some of the food hawkers on my way to or from the temple I will have a sample of what this Gourmet paradise has to offer. I hope for the sake of my photos that the fare is as colorful and it is purported to be delicious.

It is hard not to feel a little sad knowing that the end is drawing near. Next stop after Penang will be Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) and our final destination, Singapore on Saturday.

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