Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day Eleven - At Sea

As of this posting we have covered 4,027 nautical miles, sea depth currently is 17,030 feet and we continue to cruise at 17.5 knots.

Tomorrow we are due to arrive at Funchal, Portugal our second port around 7 am. Hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be filled with interesting tidbits after I take my excursion of spots around Madeira and sample the delicious wines.  Madeira looks like an interesting city and area.

The on-board casino, which has been under construction since we left Galveston, had its grand opening night before last. I made a quick visit that night and accepted the complimentary glass of champagne while I cruised through. I am curious if I have any better luck at sea than I have in Las Vegas. UPDATE: I don’t.

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  1. I've never understood the urge to gamble. I hope you didn't lose much. So, is that your cruise pal, Annie? You look like a happy twosome. Good to hear you've reached Madeira. I'd never heard about its vertical structure before. Take care.