Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monsoon Season

It's June and the Monsoon Season has arrived in India. These much needed rains are a godsend to the farmers of the area who are dependent on the rains to insure bumper crops. Typically the monsoon season is from June to September each year.

Kerala Backwaters - May 2013

On May 26th I encountered a few pre-monsoon season sprinkles while taking the Kerala Backwaters tour. But mind you I was prepared had the monsoon arrived early. When I packed for my trip I carefully added my yellow slicker and special plaid UGG monsoon boots. You just never know when a monsoon might decide to come to visit early, much like a dear relative.

Rice Paddies in the background

Fun Monsoon Facts:

"India, one of the world's largest producers and consumers of food crops, relies on rainwater to irrigate 55 percent of its farmland.

Seven southern and western states were hit by drought last year and are in desperate need of plentiful and timely rains to aid a recovery.

Earlier in May, the Indian Meteorological Department predicted that the monsoon would arrive over Kerala around June 3.

The prediction is vital for farmers who need to plant crops such as rice and soya bean on time.
The downpour on Saturday over Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala state, came as a delight for locals.

According to estimates by the meteorological observatory, monsoon will gradually move to cover the entire country by mid-July."  Source: Agencies, Aljazeera, Central and South Asia News

UPDATE:  As a matter of fact K. I did have special UGG Monsoon boots ;-)

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  1. Monsoons always seemed appealing to me. But c'mon, Annie. You didn't really bring "special plaid UGG monsoon boots" with you, did you? If so, that must be why you had the best cruise anyone ever had: you prepared. Happy Sunday!