Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egypt and the United States

The more I read the more it appears that the U.S. is taking its direction concerning Egypt from Israel. It is very important to Israel that the U.S. not stop military aid to Egypt. If the United States recognizes the ouster of the Egyptian President as a coup then all military aid to Egypt must ceased.
"The United States looks to Egypt as an ally in the region and considers it critical to Israel's security by closing smuggling tunnels to the Gaza Strip and monitoring the border with Israel. The 1979 US-brokered peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is contingent on continuing aid to both countries, a factor that makes cutting off money to either one particularly tricky."  ~ Source: Al Jazeera News
Then there is the added incentive that Egypt provides a very convenient portal to the United States war efforts in the Middle East.
“We need them for the Suez Canal, we need them for the peace treaty with Israel, we need them for the overflights, and we need them for the continued fight against violent extremists who are as much of a threat to Egypt’s transition to democracy as they are to American interests,” said Gen. James N. Mattis, who retired this year as head of the military’s Central Command. ~ Source: The New York Times
It would be nice if President Obama would just tell us the truth when he talks to us. No more lies, no more beating around the bush. We know you are walking a tightrope here, but don't forget who is manning the safety net you are about to fall into.

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