Friday, August 30, 2013

Having it Your Way

With each passing moment we get closer to having television the way we want it and when we want it. Each day the world opens up to us and we are offered some of the really great television that is produced in other countries.

Soon we will be able to kiss our cable and satellite providers goodbye and take Internet only, where we can pick the cream of the crop. And believe me there is a lot of cream out there, it just takes some digging to find it.

Here is a great article French Television which writes about a series Spiral which I watched on Netflix recently. I forget where I originally heard about it, but I am glad that I did. I've also stumbled onto some great Swedish dramas recently. So it is nice to know that Crab and Lobster Hoarders aren't the only television series I have to watch.

Seriously though technology is here where we really can pick and choose what we want to see. The era of 400 channels in Plan B offered from the local cable company, of which you really watch fewer than ten, is going to be a thing of the past.

Goggle has this dongle-like device for around $35 and AppleTV is available for around $100. This of course is just the beginning. Makes me want to scream from the mountain top "I want my Maypol".

Maybe the next break through will be eliminating those annoying commercials before a video plays. I swear they are robbing me of a lifetime at 15 seconds a pop. I am boycotting them 99% of the time.

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