Wednesday, August 14, 2013

State of Emergency Yet Again

Outside Giza - May 2013
Photo by A. Pick

Breaking News - August 14, 2013
"By evening, the Egyptian Health Ministry said 235 civilians and nearly 40 police officers had been killed in violence across the country, and said about 900 had been injured. But the large number of dead and critically injured Egyptians whom reporters for The New York Times saw moving through various makeshift field hospitals in Cairo indicated that the final death toll would climb much higher." ~ New York Times

The United States is not acknowleding that it was a coup that ousted Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi and now the U.S. opposes Egypt's  "state of emergency". Am I the only one curious about the United States underlying motives? I feel maybe there is a little too much silent support of the Muslim Brotherhood showing here.

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