Friday, August 9, 2013

'Yesterday' Near Yemen

Seems like yesterday we were cruising the calm waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. If you recall the Gulf of Aden was where we kept our eyes out for Somali pirates. Coming to theaters this fall will be a new movie Captain Phillips which stars Tom Hanks as the Somali captured captain.

 Mariner of the Seas cruisers watching the transfer of "security items" to our ship
from this helpful boat prior to entering the area known for Somali pirates.

I just read the news that a U.S. Drone attack killed three more suspected al Qaeda militants in an area of eastern Yemen. Whew, I'm glad this all happened after our ship had moved out of the area. Not sure which is the lesser of two evils; drones or pirates.


  1. Your trip made it personal for you. Maybe we all need to travel more. Happy Saturday!

  2. Yes indeed. The more we can see and hear things first hand the more informed we become. In our world today much of what we get to read about has passed through many filters before it reaches our eyes.

    The ideal would be to get to actually live for an extended periods in different environments where you could get a chance to meld into the society and really experience it.

    1. If they would just come up with a transporter so I could beam to these countries, I'd be a big traveler. Alas.