Monday, September 2, 2013

New Fall Line Up - Comedy Trumps All

Syria is pitching new script to UN for this Fall season. Hold on to your hats folks this is going to knock your socks off. Originally scheduled as a drama last minute changes to a comedy series indicates it will be a standout hit this season.

In a letter to U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and President of the Security Council Maria Cristina Perceval, Syrian U.N. envoy Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari urged "the U.N. Secretary General to shoulder his responsibilities for preventing any aggression on Syria and pushing forward reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria," SANA reported.
He called on the Security Council to "maintain its role as a safety valve to prevent the absurd use of force out of the frame of international legitimacy." ~ Source Syria asks UN to prevent US strike

Fun Fact: How Much Does the UN Cost the Us?

The OMB calculated that U.S. contributions totaled $4.115 billion in 2004 and $5.327 billion in 2005. In FY 2010, they exceeded $7.691 billion — more than $1.3 billion higher than FY 2009’s record of $6.347 billion. ~ Source: National Review: How Much Does the UN Cost Us?

How does that make you feel Uninsured America? No wonder we can't help you out with college loans. Just file it under "stuff you should know about".

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