Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It isn't about Tea any more...

Those Tea Party wackos are still out there and still spewing forth their snake oil venom. What gets me is the fact they don't go away. They are this small populous and as irritating as a tiny stone that gets caught in your shoe.

Just when I am getting used to saying "Sarah who?" ~ Miss Wasilla rears her beautifully coiffed locks yet again. The woman has no shame, she would diaper her grandson in the American Flag if she thought it would garner her some attention. Don't the Veterans ever get tired of her ability to use them for her own gain?

I hate to be a quitter but there is only one 'lost cause' I continue to hold at hope for and that is that the world will wake up in time when it comes to nuclear waste. This other stuff I give up. I can't stomach what the extreme right-wing wackos have done and continue to this country.

In the not too distant future I will be relinquishing my citizenship and find a saner corner of the world to live out the few years I have left. I will leave the fight to the young people of this land to reclaim what was once theirs.

Oddly enough I don't think they care. There was a time when young people were politically involved, not so much today. I think they feel more a citizen of the world. The disrupters; the Cruz's, the Palin's, the wild-eye claimant from "pray away the gay" fame - are not what the young kids think about today.

Go to the Tea Party website and you will see some interesting pictures posted there. A shot of President Obama behind bars to attract you to their story 'Obamacare navigator has outstanding arrest warrant' and below that photo a photo of Cruz and Palin with hands over heart 'join protestors at World War II memorial'.

It's not an easy read but if you want to know what the looney tunes are up to you really have to take the time and read the crap they toss out there, everything from the petition to impeach President Obama to working on their Youth Firearm Training Initiative with this catchy little slogan:


Let's see now... how does that old adage go? Praise the Lord and pass the barf bag.

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  1. Why would you give up your citizenship? You can move to another country and still be a US citizen. Heck, you can even vote.