Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let's Get Rid of the Alphabet

Oh, hell, let's just get rid of the damn alphabet. That way we rid ourselves of the A-word, the B-word, the C-word, the D-word, the E-word, the F-word, the G-word, the H-word, the I-word, the J-word, the K-word, the L-word, the M-word, the N-word, the O-word, the P-word, the Q-word, the R-word, the S-word, the T-word, the U-word, the V-word, the W-word, the X-word, the Y-word and the dreaded Z-word.

Without letters there are no words and without words we can all go into the forest and live in peace. As for all you writers out there, you will just have to come up with a new approach to writing or maybe an old approach.


  1. These are the last words I'll ever type. Thank you for your message. I will now enter the world of pictographs and "write" my next novel. Keep your eye out at Amazon for "(Image of planets)". By me, of course (but I'll only use a photo; no name at all). Signing off forever, I remain (unintelligible; already switched to new system).

  2. Thank dog you bought all those photo-op hats, whew, that was a close one.